A weekly new item at the Anton Spaargaren Blog will be ‘Product of the Month’. In this series we will go deeper into the history, characteristics, blooming process, facts and care conditions of different flower/plant types.

Welcome back again to our Product of the Month blog. This week we are discussing the varieties of hyacinth. It might surprise you, but hyacinth stems from the same flower family as asparagus. Although hyacinths are commonly known as an outdoor plant, growing from a bulb, they are also available as cut flower. You will find hyacinths in various shades and colours, but the most wide-spread colours are blue, white and pink. The vast majority of hyacinths nowadays are grown in the Netherlands and Great Britain.
Hyacinths are also famous for their scent, sweet and lovely to some, strong and overpowering to others. If the scent of hyacinths is not your cup of tea, but you do want to enjoy the sight of this beautiful flower, we can advise you to buy white hyacinths. White hyacinths have a less strong scent then other varieties.
Which conditions are ideal for hyacinths? We’ll tell you next week