A weekly new item at the Anton Spaargaren Blog will be ‘Product of the Month’. In this series we will go deeper into the history, blooming process and care conditions of different flower/plant types.

For the first edition of our new item ‘Product of the Month’ we would like to introduce you to Forsythia.

Care conditions

For the third part of our story on Forsythia (our Product of the month) we would like to tell you a little about the conditions which they like.

Although the individual branches can be bought at most wholesalers and flower shops, the Forsythia plant is commonly known as a garden plant.

When taken care of properly, the Forsythia plant can grow up to 3 meters, and will bloom for multiple years.They are not very particular when it comes to the soil they are planted in.

Forsythia prefers a (semi) sunny place in gardens, as well as indoors. So don’t put your vase with Forsythia branches in a shady spot, as they won’t perform their best over there.

Even though they like sunshine, they are sturdy enough to withstand colder temperatures. So also a beautiful winter sun will do.

Tune in next week (thursday) for a new ‘Product of the Month’!