Hello you! Happy to see you again. Summer has started, which means a variety of summer flowers is available. For this months Product of the Month we have chosen for Celosia. Because of it’s bright colors and long vase life we consider this to be an ideal summer flower.

First a little introduction:
The name Celosia comes from the Greek word Kelos, meaning burned. This, because of the flame-like shape which is typical for Celosia Plumosa. Despite the fact that other varieties of Celosia are shaped completely different, and are often referred to as ´cockscomb´ or ´brain coral´ (Celosia cristata) or ‘wheat’ (Celosia spicata)
Celosia belongs to the same family as Amaranths, and has about 50 different varieties. The cultivation of Celosia started in the Americas around the 18th century.
Tune in next week for more….